Krayt Fang

CEC YT-2400 Starfreighter

Armor Hull Strain Defense
4 25 18 1/1
Silhouette Speed Handling
4 4 0
Hull Type: Freighter
Categories: Starship, Non-Fighter Starship
Hyperdrive Primary: 2
Hyperdrive Secondary: 12
NaviComputer?: Yes
Sensor Range: Short
Ship’s Compliment: Two
Capacity 140
Capacity 6
Consumables: Two Months
Cost: 130,000 Credits (Rarity: 4)
Hardpoints: 5 / 5

Weapon Mounts
Dorsal Turret: Laser Cannon (Medium), Linked Pair
Ventral Turret: Laser Cannon (Medium), Linked Pair

Fire Arc Damage Critical Range Qualities
All 6 3 Close Linked I

Wookiee pelts and Gamorrean opera? Where did they find this ship? Kal and crew ‘liberated’ the Krayt Fang from a Trandoshian bounty hunter just before meeting up with Dael. Their exploits are sure to only add to the modular vessel’s legend.

Krayt Fang

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