Edge of the Empire: BAM!

Operation Blended Star - Log One (35:3:22)
A saga continues.

35:3:22 – Krayt Fang, en route to Geonosia (R-16).

L'dhassi and her children. From left to right: Rendash, Ellah, and Mhi'barru. Dearest Hahri,
My time with Mhi’barru and her family on Ryloth is (for now) at an end. While I am happy to report that she, her mother, and her sisters are now all free beings, it was not directly my doing that smashed their chains. It is as you say – sometimes one must set the scanner down and act in order to get things done. Despite my weeks of work infiltrating the networks (criminal and electronic alike) relating to the overseers, the agency of their emancipation managed to break the slavers’ grip in a single (sanguine) afternoon. Sometimes the best way to resolve a problem is to cut a path through living flesh, I suppose.
As I felt that working within a dynamic framework once again might bring me similar rapid success, I resolved to meet the victorious band, Once the celebrations had died down, I asked Aynora (you may recall her to be the Human contact within Mhi’barru’s cell) to put me in touch with the militants who had succeeded so swiftly. Or rather, the cell that had hired them in the first place.
Aynora actually had to network with several other cells before finding the correct one.
I knew the uncertain duration of the wait would make saying goodbye to Mhi’barru all the more difficult, To not know when (or if) I would be leaving her … was nearly as difficult as leaving without saying goodbye at all. I chose a clean break rather than cause anyone undue pain, and spent a few days tramping about the star port.
The search process took an agonizing two days to complete. Rather than dwell on the fact that such a mobile group of mercenaries were likely long gone, I used the time to eliminate loose ends, eradicate traces of my passage and those of several other resistance operatives,
Why we fight. Something the
Empire is unlikely to understand.
cleaned my tools, parsed every tense of every verb in every language I knew perhaps seven times each, and plotted my next move should the attempt to contact fail. Te usual course of action when you are trying to stay distractedly focused on one’s overall mission.
Needless to say, by the time the comcode arrived to contact the proper cell, I was quite glad to have it. I do not think I met the whole cell, but I did meet a Twi’lek facilitator named Nyn and a Bothan operative (of my occasional prior acquaintance) named Ota. I could have asked for worse individuals to be my new contact persons. They invited me to have a meal and discuss business. Having missed good company (and loving arms) since before I left it two days prior, I readily agreed.
Near immediately after the invite, though, Nyn left for a business engagement of her own. A pot of stew, a bottle of aquivi from Fondor, and three hands of sabbacc later, Ota and I sat to discuss business. Apparently, Ota not only knew of the mercenaries I sought, but intended to hire them for an operation that would, as he put it, “benefit all parties but the target”. I lit a cigarette and waited for him to impart the details.
I had not noticed that Nyn had returned somewhere between hand two and three (I was too busy learning how to read a Bothan’s game-face,I suppose), and I barely had time to put the cards away once she called attention to herself. Her guests, it seemed, were soon to arrive.
The mercenaries were … exotic. Half of them – a Human and a Gungan – were the sort of professional killers I had expected them to be. The remaining three were er, not. Still and all, these beings were the heroes of the day, and they might just be my ticket back to seeing you, my dear, so I was as polite as I could manage.
Nyn and Ota soon explained that one of the parasitic individuals supporting the exploitation of the planet Ryloth was a Hutt crime boss. This was not news, of course. Ota, however, had found a rare opportunity. A chance, perhaps, to kill the being responsible for so much suffering … and incidentally the source of a 50,000 credit bounty on the heads of said aforementioned mercenaries. All that needed to be done was to put on a veneer of charm, and finesse our way into the beast’s palace, and then the rest could be settled with Tibanna gas and detonite.
duke.jpg All that would be required of us would be to simply:
Fly to Geonosia
Impersonate a trade delegation of weapons dealers
Impersonate stew merchants to make it past Imperial Customs
Gain the confidences of a Geonosian Duke by the name of Piddock
Ask him to reveal why he had abruptly cut off financial ties with said target crime lord
Travel elsewhere on Geonosia
Without being detained by the crime lord’s retainers or the Empire
Convince the staff of Piddock’s mortal enemy Dimmock to allow us to enter his estate
Attend party at Dimmock’s estate
Gain the confidences of Duke Dimmock
Reveal Piddock’s secret and somehow use this information to manipulate Dimmock.
Contact Nyn and Ota (presuming we are still alive).
Travel to Teemo the Hutt’s palace
Impersonate the crew of an imminent shipment from Dimmock.
Defeat the crime lord’s security forces and (theoretically) kill the Hutt,
A Geonoisan Duke Simple, right? Right.

Until next time, my darling,

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